"There is no God."
"Certainly not with that attitude."

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You win this round cheese

actually that is a rectangle cheese

[oxford comma laughing in the distance]

[vocative comma wondering what oxford comma thinks it’s doing here]

I already reblogged this for the pun but I’m reblogging again for the sick punctuation banter

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Hamlet, Quarto 1 (Halliwell-Phillipps)

Romeo and Juliet, Quarto 2 (George III)

You can view these famous editions (and many more) in their facsimile edition here.

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Or, as King Henry VIII likes to call it, a productive evening. 

"For small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love."
— Carl Sagan, Contact (via likeafieldmouse)
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Anonymous: I am so upset, I had a drink made at Starbucks and when they made it they showed it to me and from what I could see it looked good but I waited a bit and when the whip melted the drink was like an inch down from the rim! So they had filled it up with an inch of just whip cream and when I showed them this and explained it and asked for more milk they refused to do it and refused to remake it saying well I showed it to you before and its just fine, well I couldn't tell before that they used so muc

That’s ridiculous, yo, don’t go back to that starbucks. Come to Barnes and Noble where the baristas are laidback and generous with drink volumes ;)

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A one hundred year old woman reflects on her deceased husband.

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This is a picture of me and my two gorgeous best friends. Clearly, we all have very different body types, and you know what? None of us is healthier, prettier or happier than the others because of it.

That’s me on the left. I’m short, super petite, and have about as much muscle mass as a blob of gelatin. Despite being naturally thin, I have always been far from in shape. Not even a month ago, running two minutes at a time was a struggle—now I can run without stopping for more than a half hour.

Felicia, in the center, is probably the most active girl I know. The opposite of me, she’s one of those people that can build muscle just by looking in the direction of a dumbbell. She loves running like I do, and we’ve discussed running a 5k. She’s a big yoga enthusiast and has tried all sorts of different forms that I can’t pronounce, and she’s found free community yoga classes for us to attend together. Also, she has abs of steel, seriously. She’s helping me with my ab workouts. She’s also recently lost over 60 lbs through her active lifestyle and healthy diet.

That’s my friend Maddy on the right. She’s curvy and feminine, but she’s a beast in the gym. Strength training is her thing. She could probably bench press two of me. Not only is she incredibly strong, she’s insanely flexible and an avid pole dancer. We’re taking classes together even though she can spin circles around me on that damn pole, and look gorgeous while she does it.

My friends inspire me so much, and remind me that diversity is lovely. You don’t have to be skinny to be beautiful and confident, nor do you have to look like girls in Nike ads to be strong and fit. You don’t need to weigh a certain number, fit into a certain size, or have a certain appearance to be confident, healthy, or happy. I think that my friends prove that to me.
I’ll never be long and willowy like a supermodel, or well-built like all those fitspo girls. I’ll never look like either of my friends, and they’ll never look like me. And that’s ok, because fitness is about being the best you can be, not comparing yourself to others.

Embrace what you have, and help others embrace what they have. Fitness is funner with friends. Get them involved. Take a class, go for a walk, make a healthy dinner together. You’ll always have support and a fun activity to bond over.

this is one of the best things i’ve read on tumblr. Friends come in all different shapes, colors and sizes. May your friendships be everlasting 

I just can’t NOT reblog this. Everyone should read it.

This was absolutely amazing, well worth the time to read, wow. Beautiful.

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"…there is this huge bastion of highly literary women who are witty, smart and can navigate the tone of [Hannibal] and have fun with the fandom."

Bryan Fuller Talks Horror and Hannibal

Well I wouldn’t really consider myself witty and smart and highly literary, but I am female and I do have fun with the fandom so thank you! You’re too kind *blushes* 

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"highly literary women who are witty and smart" instead of "fangirls" guys why don’t y’all stop bashing bryan for including gay subtext and start applauding him for saying things like this 

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Today’s Classic: Herbert James Draper (1863-1920)

1. Clyties of the Mist

2. Mourning for Icarus

3. Halcyone

4. The Vintage Morn 

5. By Summer Seas

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where did this myth of the teenage temptress who lies about their age to seduce the older man come from?

grown men who dont want to take responsibility for their actions and like to place the blame on the most relevant easy target probably


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